Photographing For Inspiration, For Fun, and For Promotion

Many of you know I started a Photo 365 blog just a few days ago. I thought it would be fun to document the year through photographs. With my blog, I’ve chosen to see the world through snapshots – just quick photos of something that happened during my day.

Of course once you set up to accomplish something, you seem to find inspiration from all around you. Today I found Hamilton365, a photo blog dedicated to portraits of people in and around his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario.

photo365 blog entry

Some of his portraits are simply amazing. It’s definitely worth checking out for fun and inspiration.

Okay, now on to how you can promote yourself through a photo 365 blog. Imagine someone coming across a site like Hamilton365. After spending time looking through the photographs, you can easily get a feel for Larry’s style. And once you fall in love with his work, of course you have to find out more about him. And possibly hire him.

The key to all forms of marketing is to have fun with what you’re doing, show off your talents, and be just a bit different than the average photographer.

Something Larry is doing well.

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