Photographing Using Ultra Wide Angle Lenses

While searching the web today I found a great article on using ultra wide angle lenses. Here is an excerpt from the site:

Most people use ultrawides too sheepishly, and get crummy results with tiny subjects dwarfed in the middle of an open frame. When I use my 14mm I constantly have to force myself to get closer and pay rapt attention to the sides of my viewfinder, which are too often blank or loaded with junk.

Ultrawides require you to get very close and personal to anything you are shooting. Even a fraction of an inch (or cm) will make a huge difference in your composition, so you need to be very deliberate with your movement.

If you use them properly, you’ll be rewarded with dynamic images. I’ve discovered that regardless of how many lenses I use, and however many photos I make on a trip, the ones I ultimately love the most are always the ones made with the widest lens I brought. more>>

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