Photography Business – Marketing With Projection

Want to learn more about running a successful photography business? You’re going to love our podcast series. We interview the best resources and the hottest talent – to give you ideas to grow your business.  Photography Business - Marketing with Projection

Have you ever sold large prints from you photography sessions? Do you have a way to easily sell wall size images? We recently interviewed Niki Newman about selling large wall prints from portrait sessions and found how she works with her clients.Â

Niki Newman – Coming Attractions on Marketing With Projection – (Click to listen or right-click to save)

  • Learn why projection is the only way to sell to clients
  • Learn how you can double – even triple – your sales in just a few short weeks.
  • Learn what types of photography projection works with best.
  • Discover why using projection is easier than you think. And much more!

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