Photography Business – Relying On Email

Photography Business – Relying On Email

Photography Business – Relying on Email

I was talking with a friend today, who was very angry that she hadn’t received a response from a company she emailed two days ago. She went on and on about how rude it was not to resond in a timely manner, and she would never do that to any of her clients. She was considering breaking off a relationship with this company, and moving on to another, though she was very happy with their product.I asked her one question that stopped her. “Are you sure they received your email?”

Everyone assumes email’s get through to whom they’re supposed to. Yet its been proven that up to 45% of all email never makes it to where its supposed to.

My solution: Don’t give up after one email. Email someone two or three times. I usually copy my first message, paste it into a new email, and start the new email with a new sentence: “I tried emailing you a couple of days ago, and wasn’t sure if it made it to you. Please respond if you get this one.”

9 times out of 10, I get an email stating they had not received the first email.

Better yet, follow up with a phone call. It gives you a reason to call!

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