Photography business sales for tomorrow’s customers.

Photography business sales for tomorrow’s customers.

Are you running your photography business into the ground by creating a quick sale for your work or are you planting seeds for future growth? Just like in the spring, you need to nurture the seeds planted with water, fertilizer and sunshine to see the fruit of your labors.

How does this affect your photography business? Well pretty simple. If you are in the new wedding trend of “churn and burn” photography and only care about shooting the event and handing over your original files and images on a dvd, then you are just planting the seed. You will never see any additional sales from this event. Albums, frames, large wall prints…additional sales are removed. When the client has the original image files, they will share them, print small meaning-less prints and your studio becomes separated from the art.

This trend is eroding your photography studio’s bottom line!

By adding a little fertilizer and sunshine we can add growth. Photography is an art and should be sold as such. Add your style and design! Frame the print or create a collage of images that tell a story. We are not meant to hold the image hostage but want to allow our professional reputation to stand for quality. Think about it the next time a potential client asks you to capture an event and sell the original files. Your sales will suffer and your extended marketing will be lost. I can remember countless times that I received calls from potential clients that viewed an image displayed at a past client’ home.

Don’t sell yourself short…think future…think growth!

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