Photography Business – What’s in a name?

Your photography studio’s name can tell a lot about your business. Do you photograph weddings, photograph babies or capture high school senior photography market? Think about what message is relayed within your name.

What message are you sending out when you have a studio named “Say Cheez Photography”? Sounds cute at first, but imagine answering the phone for the hundredth time, “say cheez photography, how can I help you”. Does this name imply that you offer exquisite portraits or cheap prints? A photography studio with an imaginative name has the ability to obtain higher profit margins through prices fit for the produced art.

Or if your studio is “In Focus Photography” you better never create an out of focus image.

Your business name should become an important part of the marketing efforts. Would the diamond leader DeBeers have similar results if they called the business “Shiny Rocks”?

It’s all in they way your business is presented.

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