Photography Business – Why I Love Junk Mail

I sent out a postcard campaign a little while ago. Recently I had one returned with A LOT of comments on it – all with the basic message of “please take me off your list”. While I never let people like this bring me down, I happily took this person off of my mailing list and went about my day. But it got me to thinking about this poor business owner, and all of the knowledge he’ll never receive. You see, when you receive “junk mail”, don’t stand over the trash can and throw it all away.

Instead take a look at it, and see which pieces motivate you to take action. What’s good about each piece? What’s bad? Then keep a file and place the good and the bad each in its own folder. (Or if you’re like me, it’s own plastic tub.) Then when I’m in need for a new idea, I head to my tub and start sorting through my “good” file. I can always find a piece or two that motivates me to create my own campaign. In fact, that’s how I created the last campaign I sent!

Too bad one business owner will never be successful, and use the free tools that come his way every day.

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