7 Photography Contract Apps to Ease Your Paperwork

There are a lot of legal forms that need to be completed when a photography takes on a job. Two of the most common are model and property releases. With the rise of smartphones, you can now complete these types of releases using your smartphone while on the go. This article is going to cover seven of the best photography contract app choices, including their main features and links to their respective download sites.

1. Easy Release

Download on iOS or on Android

One of the best photography contract app choices to consider is Easy Release. This app is perfect for users who have both Android and iOS devices. The app is used to create model and property release forms in a variety of different language types. It offers a lot of customization with options like logos and banners, addendums, shooting date ranges, and custom legal release input fields.

The interface supports seven different language options as well. You can easily use your device’s camera to snap pictures of identification and attach them to your model release forms. When you’re all finished, you simply email the completed form to yourself.


  • Releases are available in 13 different languages.
  • Fully customizable legal text fields.
  • Branding header supports a broad range of logo types.
  • Supports multiple shooting date ranges.
  • Import model and witness information directly from contacts.

2. Image Release

Download on iOS.

Image Release is another one of the best photography contract app options to consider. This one is a great fit for users who prefer to use cloud storage services like Dropbox to store their release forms. If you prefer, you can print your releases in PDF or JPG format in standard letter size to give out to your clients and models as needed. You can also prepare and store your release forms in advance to help speed things up when you arrive on set to shoot. The app is compatible with most iOS devices. It also comes with free updates for life and doesn’t have any additional in-app purchase requirements.


  • Supports 12 different language types.
  • Compatible with a broad range of cloud storage services like Dropbox.
  • Images can be exported in either JPG or PDF format.
  • Search function simplifies locating specific releases.
  • No additional purchases or subscriptions required.

3. Releases by Snapwire

Download on iOS.

Snapwire is another one of the best photography contract app choices to consider. It is perfect for both model and property release needs and is very easy to use. As you continue to use the app, it gets easier since it automatically stores information to easily paste in for later shoots when needed. The app is designed to be compatible with most current iOS devices and is completely free. One downside is that it does not support legal text modification like some other apps. It also does not offer additional language support like some of the other options currently available.


  • Completely free to download and use.
  • Stores photographer information for easy use on future forms.
  • Nine different industry standard templates to choose from.
  • Syncs with various cloud programs.
  • Easily exportable in PDF format.

4. Releases by 500px

Download on iOS.

Another one of the best photography contract app choices available is Releases by 500px. This app is suitable for both property and model releases and is available for iOS devices. One of its best features is that it is completely free. It syncs with services like Dropbox and Box to easily store your documents for future use. This app is best suited for basic needs and for users who are seeking a really simple user interface. Two downsides worth mentioning are that the app doesn’t support ID upload via camera and there is no additional language support.


  • User interface is clean and easy to use.
  • Free to use with no purchase requirements.
  • Syncs with storage programs like Dropbox and Box.
  • Documents export quickly and easily in PDF format.
  • Model information can be saved for future shoots.

5. Forms by LegalShield

Download on iOS or on Android.

Forms by LegalShield is another one of the best photography contract app choices available. The actual app is free but requires a subscription to LegalShield to fully use. It supports a broad range of document types including model releases, property releases, and other things like property rentals. Additional forms can always be downloaded from the LegalShield website as long as your membership remains active. This app is best suited for users who prefer to have the backing of a trusted legal provider behind them when creating documents.


  • Identification can be attached via your device’s camera.
  • Multiple types of legal documents are supported.
  • Legal questions can be answered at any time.
  • Forms can be sent directly to the model for their signature.
  • Supports several export methods.

6. Model Release Maker

Download on iOS or on Android.

Model Release Maker is another one of the best photography contract app choices available today. The basic app is completely free and includes 12 different model release templates to choose from. It also supports uploading a copy of your model’s ID using the camera on your device. If you decide to go with the paid version, you can easily attach your brand logo to your documents and remove all the advertisements. It also supports a larger assortment of photographer profiles for larger studios.


  • Available as either a free or paid version.
  • Paid version supports a larger assortment of photographer profiles.
  • Directly import model information from previous forms.
  • Supports custom model release forms.
  • Completed forms can be stored securely via cloud storage.

7. JAM Pact: Easy Contract Maker

Download on Android.

Another one of the best photography contract app choices to consider is JAM Pact. This program supports a broad range of contract types and is very easy to use and customize. It supports several default template types that can be customized as needed based on the job. The app is free and advertisement supported but users can unlock an ad-free experience for a small upgrade fee. It also supports multiple signers as well for larger gigs. Completed contract copies can be sent via email to all parties involved with just the touch of a button.


  • Multiple contract types supported.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Completely free with an ad-free option available.
  • Share completed contracts via email.
  • Supports custom logo placement.

Summing Up

All of the photography contract apps reviewed in this article are perfect for ensuring you have completed the required legal forms before beginning work in a new shooting area. Take your time browsing our top picks and pick the one that is best suited for your needs. Feel free to tell us about your experience with the app of your choice as well.

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