Photography Is Emotional: Make Them Laugh, Make Them Cry

People hate being sold to. But they love to buy.

People don’t buy with their heads; they buy with their hearts. All decisions are based on emotion. If you use emotion to sell what people want – not what you think they want – you’ll have success every time.

Yes, all of this is actually true. And in reality it’s the heart of being an entrepreneur; master this thought process and you’ll run a successful business.

We all fundamentally make our decisions based on emotion. We don’t NEED the new pair of pants or the new television for the living room. Yet when emotion kicks in, we can talk ourselves into anything.

“I’m going to interview for the new job and my old pants are worn out. This pair will make me feel more professional, and more importantly, look more professional. I HAVE to have them to get this job.”

Yep, its all down hill from there. Once your emotions start kicking in and you begin reasoning with yourself on why you need something, you may as well hand over the credit card.

While I’m sure you can think of dozens of examples where you played the emotion game with yourself, its not something you alone play. Its actually one of the greatest strategies a sales person can learn. If a business owner markets without emotion, he will undoubtedly fail every time. But when you learn to develop just a few methods of selling with emotion, you’re sales rate will increase. And you’ll have a lot more fun in your business.

Don’t Be Boring

One hundred years ago, marketing was a novelty. People didn’t experience different forms of advertising much, so anything “new” was noticed and acted upon. Not so today. Today we are bombarded with messages every day, all day long. When you get up and brush your teeth, you are “advertised” to by taking the top off of the toothpaste and glancing at the brand name. You turn on the news and you’ll hear dozens of commercials within a half hour show. And on it goes all day long.

The world is a busy, cluttered place filled with advertisements and messages. If you are boring and say what everyone else is, you don’t stand a chance.

Find The Pressure Point

The easiest way to escape the boredom is to find what people truly want from your photography and sell that feature.

  • What do they love?
  • What do they hate?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What do they worry about?
  • What do they rave about to their friends?

When you know and understand what your prospects are thinking, you can sell that point to them over and over again.

No Hype Allowed

There is a difference between emotion  and hype. The definition of hype is to create interest through extravagant, intensive or flamboyant publicity or promotion. When we think of hype, we think of late night television commercials or the stereotypical used car salesman.

When people sell by using hype, they usually don’t believe in their product/service and are only trying to make a quick buck.

When people sell by using emotion, they believe in their product/service 110 percent. They have passion for it and would gladly talk about it whether they were giving it away for free or making a million dollars.

Do you believe in your products/services?

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