Photography Marketing – Or Photography Sales?

If you’re like most photographers, you ‘hate’ the word marketing. Photography marketing is just something you have to do to stay in business.

What about sales? Is that concept better or worse? For many, sales brings out even more fear than the word marketing.

Guess what? You can’t survive without being a salesperson. Without photography sales, your business will die. And the only way to bring in sales is to market your wedding photography business. I’ve know fantastic photographers who couldn’t sell and hated to market; currently those photographers are back in the 9 to 5 corporate life because they couldn’t make their photography businesses survive.

You don’t have to be a pushy salesperson to succeed. In fact, the better you brand yourself and promote yourself, the more your product will sell itself. There’s nothing better than having a prospect call and book with you – site unseen – because they know your reputation and wouldn’t hire anyone but you.

What experiences do you have in having your product/service sell itself?

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