Photography Marketing With A Purpose

Every month we receive a postcard from a photographer. It’s a simple card, with a new image on the back, his contact information and a quote on the front – and that’s about it.

How did we get on his list? I’m not sure.

What is he selling? I’m not sure.

His postcards are beautiful, and he is a great photographer. But in all the months I’ve received his information, not once has he told me what he’s selling. postcard

Is he a commercial photographer? Is he looking for portrait work?

With any marketing campaign, there are a number of steps to ensure your success.

1. Create a ways of marketing and stick with in. In this case he mails postcards on a regular basis. He has my attention because I always recognize them when they come into my mailbox.

2. Make sure your branding is in place. Again, he has this area covered. I recognize his postcards. The coloring is always the same. The logo is always in the same place. He’s recognizable.

3. Tell people what you want them to do. This is where he is lacking. A postcard with a new photograph each month is great. But why should I care?

If you are offering a special, tell me. If you are showing me what a great commercial photographer you are, and want to know if I’m interested in hiring you, tell me. If you want me to refer you to my friends, tell me.

People can’t read minds.

If your marketing isn’t working, chances are you’re missing one key element that will make it a success. Sometimes it’s obvious to others, yet you simply overlook it. Marketing is about testing what you do to continuously get better results. And about asking for help from mentors around you.

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