Photography Membership Has It’s Privileges!

Now that you’ve joined Professional Photographer’s of Colorado, are you taking advantage of the many opportunities that await you?  Belonging is more than paying your dues once a year.  It’s more than hanging the certificate on the wall. It’s about friendship.  It’s about networking with some of the best photographer’s in the state.  And having a good time along the way!

For those of you interested in education, PPC offers three seminars a year from some of the leading photographers in the country  By taking advantage of these seminars, you will be learning new ideas that may work for your own business.  If you gain and implement one successful new idea per seminar, it was worth its price.  Often I hear attendees state “That’s great, but it wouldn’t work in my market”.  Instead of looking at exactly what the presenter is saying, modify each of their ideas into something that would work for you! Even a children’s photographer can inspire you to take better wedding photographs by opening your eyes to new and different surroundings.

For those of you interested in degrees and accreditation, PPC offers several ways to work towards these goals. PPC offers its own Fellowship Awards Program, with three separate degree programs.  PPC offers a Service, Educational and Photographic Degree, each to challenge you and keep you active within the organization itself.  PPC will be awarding photographic merits to its members who compete in the November print and album competition, and will be offering awards to the top honors in several different categories.  In June, PPC will also be offering one PPA educational merit for those of you working towards your PPA Photographic Degrees. Again, there is a lot of potential to gain recognition amongst your peers, and to show other photographers your talent!

For those of you interested in networking, PPC offers many opportunities to meet your peers, and establish lifelong friendships.  By getting to know other photographers throughout the area, you are expanding your referral base, and are providing yourself with a network of people to call upon when you have questions.  It’s nice to be able to refer a bride to a friend, instead of leaving them to the phone book!  Supporting PPC and taking pride in all that offers is what this industry is all about.

And for those of you who merely want to have fun, join PPC for its yearly trip to Mexico.  Members of PPC have planned this yearly trip for the past couple of years, and have not only enjoyed each other’s company, but have received training from each other.  Who can resist a seminar on photographing on the beach!
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