Photography or Greeting Card Business – You Decide

Do you know how successful the greeting card business is?

  • Americans purchase 7 billion greeting cards every year
  • The average person receives 20 greeting cards in a year.
  • Women purchase 80% of all greeting cards.

That’s a lot of cards.

As a photographer, I know you have a ton of images just sitting in your computer gathering dust. So why not pull out your best, and create something new? How about a box of greeting cards?

Many photographers have used the concept of greeting cards to sell to individual clients. They come in for a portrait session, and they buy 20 or so greeting cards with their favorite image. That’s a great way to increase sales. But you’re only selling in sets of 20.

Why not take your best images – your award winners –  and turn them into a whole line of greeting cards?

If you show faces, you have to have a model release. But if you shoot from a different perspective, you can have an entirely new side business that you can promote just about anywhere.

We created a line of cards that went along with our gift book a number of years ago. We took 4 of our favorite images, and put them in sets of 12. They could be used for note cards, thank you cards – a bride has many uses for cards around her wedding. You can also sell them to other vendors in the wedding industry.

Start with a quality card – Moo has some, or check with your favorite print house. Then create a customized box to package and sell them in. With the Internet, you can sell them anywhere, and quickly have another way to sell your images.

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