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Do you freeze up or run in a different direction when someone mentions the word networking? You’re not alone. Unfortunately most people don’t understand the power of networking, and how they really are networking with people in everything they do.

The whole idea of networking is to make contacts. Get your photography business idea out in front of others, and learn about other people and services that may be of benefit to people you know. You shouldn’t be looking for new clients every time you meet someone. Instead, concentrate on making each client a referral source for you. If you can tell them exactly who you are and what you do, you will be remembered when someone is looking for your service.

When you tell people what you do, also provide them with a benefit, and with the ideal client who would benefit from your photography services. Make it easy for them to think of you and your studio when they meet your ideal client. This is all a part of your elevator speech. If you had 30 seconds to impress someone, what would you say? If you would like to read a wonderful book that really plays on this 30-second speech, read “What I Learned Before I Sold To Warren Buffett, by Barnett Helzberg. Barnett Helzberg actually ran into Warren Buffett on a street corner in New York, and used his own 30-second elevator speech to start the process of selling his company to one of the largest investors of all time.

Part of effective networking is being 100 percent passionate about your photography business, knowing exactly how to sell your business to anyone at any time, and look for opportunities everywhere. Don’t be afraid to ask for opportunities when you see them. You may receive a lot of no’s before you receive your yes, but that one yes may be all you need to push your “portrait photography studio” to the top of your industry.

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2 thoughts on “Photography Studio – Network Effectively”

  1. Networking has always been difficult for someone like me. I’m usually too shy to talk to people that I do not know. I am slowly coming around, though.

  2. Networking is one of the best ways to get your name and business out into the marketplace. Business contacts can send lots of jobs your way if you are able to make the connections.


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