Photography Web Site Clean Up

How long have you been designing your web site? Is it a true work in process? Spend a few minutes every quarter looking through the pages of your web site, and look at it as if you were a client. What are you seeing? Now may be the time to perform a web site clean up!

Continuity is one of the leading things that can change a web site from looking home made to professional. Compare every page within your web site. Make sure the backgrounds are the same. Compare font styles and sizes. Does the theme carry through?

Links can often be changed or broken. Continually check them to be sure that they are still working properly.


Make sure your main pages are accessible from every page. You should always have a way of moving throughout the web site with very little effort. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing something of interest, and never being able to find that button again.

Update any old data. Nobody wants to see old news. And it looks as if you haven’t changed your site in a while. If you have a lot of press releases on awards and events, create an archive section in which a client can look at the information if they are interested, but it won’t be a main topic on your site. Educate yourself. There are so many wonderful classes and networking groups on the development and maintenance of a web site.

 They are a great way of gaining ideas on how to improve both your marketing and sustenance of your materials.

Above all, have fun with your site! This is an exciting time to be at the front end of technology!

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