Add Photoshop Borders on Images Quickly

Create border edges on your favorite digital images very quickly using Adobe Photoshop.

Open your favorite image in Photoshop. I am going to use an image of a dock at sunset for this example.

Adobe Photoshop Frames From the top to the bottom image in just minutes! Adobe Photoshop Frames Tutorial

Next, we need to select the Channel tab (Windows -> Channels) and add a new channel called alpha 1

Adobe Photoshop Frames Tutorial

Select the Alpha 1 channel and your image will turn black. We will now be using the Marquee tool (M) and draw a rectangle that is smaller than our image

Create Photoshop Frames Tutorial

We need to select the inverse of this shape for our frame (Select -> Inverse) and then fill our selection (Edit -> Fill) with white

Adobe Photoshop Frames Tutorial

Next we need to select our favorite filter to add our edge to the image. I selected a sprayed stroke (Filter -> Brush Stroke -> Sprayed Stokes) and modify the settings to your liking.

Next we need to select the RGB channel and load our selection (Select -> Load Selection) be sure to select the Alpha 1 in the channel choice.

Adobe Photoshop Frames Tutorial

Next we will be filling our selection to the image (Edit -> Fill) and select the background color.

Adobe Photoshop Frames Tutorial

Once your image has your frame added, deselect your section (Select -> Deselect) and you are finished!

Adobe Photoshop Frames Tutorial

Experiment with other filter effects to your favorite images and have fun

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