Photoshop Tricks – Retouch Tutorial For Modifing Nose

What do you do if your client wants a few modifications to his or her nose? Photoshop of course.

We found a tutorial that teaches how to modify the nose of your subject using the lasso tool and transform tool in grid mode. Once you have adjustments in place, simply erase the hard lines created by the transformation and your done. Simple Adobe Photoshop Tips increase work-flow efficiency and we want to help.


1 thought on “Photoshop Tricks – Retouch Tutorial For Modifing Nose”

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    This is for free photo editors like Picnik or Pixlr or others that I also list – you don’t need to install it or register to use it.

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    If you’re interested feel free to also try to enhance your photos and please let me know how that worked for you – you can leave comments in my blog. It did a good job for most of my photos (not all) so I wonder how it will work for other people’s photos.



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