Plan For Tomorrow To Create Sales For Today

“Help! I don’t have anything on the books, and I’m not sure I can keep my photography business open. What can I do today?”

creating a plan for photography businessUnfortunately, if you’ve reached this point, it’s hard to get back on your feet again.

The key to a successful studio is to plan for tomorrow to create sales for today.

Take out your calendar. Since today is March 23, 2009, what would you like to be photographing in June?

Now work backwards.

Reach out to the community that has the most to offer around your style of photography.

Maybe you’ve decided to photograph high school seniors, and in your area, the bulk of senior portraits are created June through September. Start the process now.

  • Contact your local high schools about senior fairs in the spring.
  • Contact your local high schools about advertising in yearbooks and newspapers.
  • Create your postcards and buy your mailing lists.

Or maybe you’ve decided to photograph weddings. Most wedding clients book several months out. If you open your door today, your clients may not have a wedding for several months or more. But with a deposit, you should be able to start bringing in clients quickly, and filling up for the future.

  • Contact local wedding coordinators and set up a lunch.
  • Attend local meeting of bridal associations.
  • Attend fairs and expos put on by local event and reception sites.

Each of these steps will put you on the road to success, and will ensure you have a filled calendar – in just a couple of months.

Does it take time? Definitely.

It’s easy to do and systematic; you just need a plan.

High school seniors tend to be seasonal. Likewise, weddings are all seasonal, depending on your location. Even if your niche isn’t seasonal, such as commercial or baby photography, you still need to plan for the short-term future. You have to get your ideas into place. And you have create a marketing method that will convert people into customers.

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2 thoughts on “Plan For Tomorrow To Create Sales For Today”

  1. There is no down time as a business owner. You must always be marketing to the next business cycle.

    Be a better business person than a photographer and then you’ll take more photos. Crazy, I know.

  2. Hi, I am the GM of MLS South Africa, do you have any relevant stories for people who run their own Real Estate Agencies, with such a depressed market we have over here our members are finding it difficult to operate with so much gloom and doom being discussed, they need as much motivation and help they can get. I`d appreciate anything you have.
    Thank you.
    Richard W


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