How Do You Find A Profitable Photography Business Model?

Profitable Photography Business Model

There’s a revolution coming. Are you on board?

Okay, some might argue that the revolution is already here. And I would have to agree that it’s in process. But wait for the next few years to shine and show us what’s really possible.

What’s it all about? It’s about change. And not just a little change. A big, huge, gi-normous change. One that will split the entrepreneurs and idea generators from the business owners that simply can’t handle the change.

And in the world of photography, that means opening up a studio in an entirely different way than before. People today want two things.

1. Speed
People like instant gratification. They want to come up with an idea, and put it into place today. They want to share their thoughts and see the results now. Think of a one hour television show or a two hour movie. In under two hours, you can solve a problem of huge consequence. Save the world? Not a problem. So to tell someone they have to wait a week or two to be able to see the results of their images is nuts. They want it now.

2. Control
What is the true meaning of a copyright? Most people just don’t understand. If you’ve ever had a client proudly show you how they incorporated your images into a calendar for their grandparents birthday present, you understand the copyright issue. Or if you’ve ever found your image repeated again and again online, you know the problems with copyright.

People don’t understand because they want control. It’s mine – and I want to use it. I have a need, you solved it on some level, and I’m going to continue to use what I want in any way that I want.

The problem isn’t with what people want. It’s with the people that fight it. So in other words, the problem lies with the photographer fighting the change.

Don’t fight it. Instead, find a way to use it to bring in more business to you on a completely different level.

Don’t get mad when they post your images on Facebook. Instead, create a CD filled with avatar images perfect for using as icons on social sites.

Don’t sell traditional business portraits. Create web friendly business portraits where they can use your images throughout their websites, blogs and social sites.

The key is finding a niche that wants what you have to offer, instead of offering something they no longer want or need.

2 thoughts on “How Do You Find A Profitable Photography Business Model?”

  1. Great tips!

    I wanted to add something re: Facebook and social media.

    I worked for the student newspaper at my school and would shoot at events and social gatherings of students (bars, concerts, etc.)

    After shooting the event I’d process photos of students, watermark them with our website’s address, then post them on Facebook.

    As people used the quality photos of themselves for their profile pictures we got free advertising and brand recognition for our news site ! It was a win-win.


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