Sell To Clients On Location? New Tool To Help Sell Your Photographs

I’ve long been a fan of using projection to motivate prospective clients to book with you, and to sell your post 060409 work to clients after the shoot. The only way to bring in large sales is with projection.

When we first started out in the 90’s, projection was unheard of for small businesses. Instead we put everything together using multiple slide projectors. It was noisy and hard work, getting everything to align properly. But the outcome was so worth it.

Then slowly computers improved, and projection became affordable for the small business. And you could do so much more with your “show”!

I’ve been watching projection change over the years, and every year I’m amazed by the size, weight, and portability of the newest projectors. I picked up the June 2009 edition of PC Today magazine, which is all on making the most of your mobile photos and videos, to learn more about the latest and greatest devices.

If you shoot on location, travel with your photography, yet still yearn for the capability of showcasing your work in large format, check out Samsung’s MBP200 Pico Projector. It weighs in at 160 grams and is roughly the size of a mobile phone. Yet it has the capability of connecting with your laptop and projecting on a surface up to 50-inches in viewing area.

Though you can’t buy it yet, I’m willing to bet it or something like it will be hitting the stores soon.

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