Seven Figures? I’m still struggling with Six Figures

You open up your email and several come in with the phrase “zero to seven figures in less than a year.”

That would be great. But what if you’ve been struggling to make six figures? Since the average photographer makes just above $50,000 per year, making the leap to seven figures may be a bit of a stretch for most photographers.

Everything in life is in logical smoney mentorequence. You have to crawl before you walk. You have to walk before you run.

If you’re earning a salary from a job, you have to understand how to turn your “job” mentality into an entrepreneurial mentality. You have to know how to run a business and bring in the same income as your previous “job”.

Then when you achieve your old salary level, it’s time to move to a Six Figure level. Only when you achieve each of these steps is it even feasible to see the seven figure level in sight.

We started our photography studio while we both held full time jobs. Neither of us came from entrepreneurial families, so we learned from mentors around us. Andrew made the break first after being downsized three times in three years. My break was more difficult because I held a guaranteed paycheck with benefits.

We were definitely at the average income level when I quit my position. Yet we doubled and tripled our profits again and again because we were both working full time on our photography – and we learned from the best.

You can’t do it alone. You have to take cues from others. Guidance is the only way to build your business quickly, and to turn it into the business of your dreams.

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