So Your Clients Want Practical? How About A Picture Heater?

With the economy down, and everyone thinking of ways to be practical, why not give your clients what they want.

Imagine being able to place your favorite photograph on the wall, and it turns into a space heater during the cold, winter months. (Perfect for this last week here in Denver where it never went above 10 degrees.)

Heat by Design takes your images, and creates a Picture Heater. Send them a 24” x32” print (they will print portrait and landscape) and Heat by Design takes it from there. They print your image on a special aluminum surface that conducts heat. The image is printed with a commercial four color printing process that uses UV light to cure the inks, and to ensure your image will not fade due to heating or exposure to direct sunlight.

Heat By Design

Though the Picture Heater does require electricity, you can have the cord exit from the right, left or the center of the frame. During the warm summer months, remove the cord and enjoy it as a normal picture.

So, how do you sell it to your clients? Send them a postcard with a special winter package. Create a fun environment, maybe meeting them at the local skating rink for great family portraits. Then sell them a Picture Heater as a part of your Winter Wonderland package. Of course they will need to purchase a 24×32 print – which boosts your profit. And you need to make sure your costs of production are covered for the Picture Heater. Beyond that, use your imagination.

I’m sure you’re clients will be as intrigued as I am.

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