Social Networking for Photographers – A New Market Reach

This month I’ll be teaching six classes on social networking for small business owners. And the offers just keep coming in. With the current economy, I think people are really starting to understand that when you have more time than money, its important to do the best things to help grow your business.

According to a new study by Cone Business, sixty percent of Americans use social media. Of those, 1 inetworkingn 4 interacts more than once per week. And 56 percent feel both a stronger connection with and better served by companies when they can interact with them in the social media.

All of this continues to motivate me to help you, the photographers, develop your business in the online world. If you’re not blogging and using social media, you’re missing THE most important marketing tool available to you today.

Want even more proof? I recently did a post on stats from the blogosphere. The wealthiest, most educated persons are online, and are using blogs and social media more than any other audience. If that is your market, what are you doing to reach out to them?

I love being online because I can reach out and communicate with prospects and customers 24/7. I don’t have to open my office on their time – I do it on mine. If I choose to work three hours in the middle of the night, and take the morning off – its my choice. And the best thing is everything I do online will remain online – and impact me for months and months to come.

Can you say the same about your strategy?

Want help with your own social networking strategy?

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  1. The question is not If to Blog but How to Blog. Most photo blogs are just collection of large pictures you got to scroll down forever to look at. It’s quite boring after a while.


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