Solo Business Owner? Check In With Your Staff To Stay On Track

I know many of you are starting your photography businesses out as a solo business owner. Whether you have a full time job and are photographing on the side, or have turned your photography into a full time business, it is still a fairly easy business to run as a solo-preneur.

But even solo business owners can check in with and confide in their “staff” – the people closest to them. Your staff may be your spouse, your kids, your extended family (parents, siblings, cousins), or friends that are a regular part of your life.

Let me give you an example.

This weekend, Andrew and I decided to have a “staff” meeting with our daughter. She’s in high school, and we’ve been thinking about a variety of changes in our lives when she finishes up high school and is off to college. We sat down and talked about a variety of options, and got her input on ideas she would like to see come to fruition over the next few years. It helped all of us get on track for where we want to be in the future.

How can you apply this in your life?

1. Sit down and write out your goal list. What would you like to accomplish in the next three to five years? What changes would you like to make? How can you move towards a better future?

2. Call a “staff” meeting. Whether it’s around the dinner table, or at a beach resort, find a place where you can meet with your “staff” and have interrupted time. Create an agenda, and make sure you listen to every person in attendance. Staff meetings are made to put ideas on the table, and to give you direction for the future.

3. Give everyone equal opportunity. If your goal is to move from part time to full time photographer, and your spouse isn’t crazy about your 6 month timetable, listen to and understand her reasoning. Compromising is a good thing in this situation.

4. Schedule your next “staff” meeting. Things won’t get done unless you meet regularly to discuss goals and objectives. Give everyone different things to accomplish between meetings. You may be surprised at how quickly people get on board with your ideas, and actually help you move quicker towards the future you truly desire.

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