Stand Out From The Crowd – Create Unique Photo Cards

Want a unique way to stand out from the crowd?

A couple of weeks ago I somehow surfed my way over to – a custom printer of business cards, minicards and postcards. Their homepage made me take a second look, so I started to take a look around. And I loved the opportunity they offer for photographers.


Head over to and click on the business card option. Then start designing your business cards. You can upload up to 50 of your images to display on your cards. Then choose what you want to say on the other side, your paper options, and hit the order button. You can have these vibrant business cards ordered in no time. IMG_0087

I loved their options, but to me what matters most is the quality. Since they had a “try before you buy” option, I thought I’d give them a try. So I uploaded 10 different images, and had my cards made. Five days later, the cards were in my hands. And I have to tell you, I love them. The quality will put your other business cards to shame. They are printed on thick paper, and the colors held true to what I expected.

The price is extremely reasonable –especially for the newbie. You can order a 50 pack for $21.99. (They do have other options if you need more.)

They also offer the same option for postcard and greeting cards. Want to include some of your prints in your marketing kits you hand out to clients? Order these high quality postcards. Again, I love the quality and it’s nice to be able to order a small quantity.

3 thoughts on “Stand Out From The Crowd – Create Unique Photo Cards”

  1. Moo quality is good but costs are sky high. I order from or and get 500 for the price of Moo’s 50.

  2. Yes, I agree Moo costs a lot more than traditional business cards. But the quality is also amazingly higher than a regular card. Your potential client would definitely say “wow” when you handed them one of these. It just depends on how much of a WOW factor you want to incorporate into your business.



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