Studio sales are slow

I’m hearing similar comments from photographers all over, sales are slow.

First of all, what type of photography are you in? Have you ever thought of expanding in to another type to fill in the holes?

We photograph weddings. In Colorado, wedding season is May-October. If we remained slow from November-April, times would definitely be tight. Instead we have found other sources of income to fill in those wholes.

One way was to link up with a studio in Arizona. We both have connections in each other’s state, and love to travel back and forth. Arizona’s busy season is November-April. By connecting and booking for each other, we have potential to remain busy year round.

Another solution? How do you feel about corporate or commercial work? Catalogs and advertisements are produced year round. Approach a few ad agencies or companies and find out how you can help produce their photographs.

As a wedding photographer, our clients are from a broad spectrum of industries. Just by talking and staying in touch, we gained a major corporate account with a floral business, producing all of their images for their advertisements. The best thing is it’s easy work, and it comes in every month.

Open up your mind to other types of business you can get into. And put out the word for what you’re looking for.


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