Want New Business? Why Not Try LinkedIn

Facebook is in the news again with its changes and updates to the way you view your information. And while its easy to fall into the trap of assuming Facebook is the only place to find new customers, don’t forget about the other large social sites as well.

The three top social sites right now tend to be LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Each has a distinct audience; each has a distinct way of bringing in the customers. If your goal is to reach out to businesses, LinkedIn is going to be your best social media channel. And just like the other social sites, they are definite ways to reach out and communicate with your prospects.

Status Updates

Every social media site has two important ways to get started. First it’s designing a powerful profile that will lead people to you and your other online presences. Second it’s communicating with people on a regular basis through status updates.

Whenever you place a new update on your profile, this will be added to the news feed of your entire network. And most heavy users – the people you’ll most likely be communicating with – will follow their news feeds daily, or at the very least weekly.

This is how you show your expertise. For example, when you tell everyone you’ll be shooting products for a catalog on location for the day, others in your network pickup on that, and start wondering how you can help them too.

Status updates aren’t all about promoting and selling; in fact it’s just the opposite. Your news feed should be filled with conversational information; information you would share if you were face to face with someone on a regular basis. Blog posts with quality content; links to great resources; and the occasional “this is what I’m doing” mixes it all up and showcases you as a “real” person.

Setup A Company Profile

Just like Facebook has profiles and pages, Linked in offers you the same opportunities. Your LinkedIn profile is all about you; your company profile is all about your company. It looks slightly different than your user profile, but its editable and can be filled with information about your company.

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