Nikon D600 Review

Nikon D600 Review

The Nikon D600 is a groundbreaking take on DSLR cameras. The main point for most photographers comes down to cost. It’s significantly less expensive than comparable models. For example, the D800 is somewhat similar in terms of specs. But at the same time the D600 sells for a more reasonable price. If you’re interested in … Read more

Olympus PEN E PL7 Review

Olympus PEN E PL7 Review

Mirrorless digital cameras are continuing to grow in popularity due to their low cost and simple design. One example of a mirrorless digital camera that you may have heard of is the Olympus PEN E PL7. The primary goal of our article is to serve as an in-depth Olympus PEN E PL7 review that will … Read more

Canon EOS Rebel T7i Review

Canon EOS Rebel T7i Review

On release, the Canon EOS Rebel T7i received a lot of attention. There’s good reason for it too. It built on Canon’s solid base design. But it took some of the capabilities to the next level. However, it’s not always easy to go by specs alone. One has to wonder just what it’s capable of … Read more

GoPro Hero 5 Black Review

gopro hero5 black on white background

Our GoPro Hero 5 Black review will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the action camera’s features. One thing we liked most during our GoPro 5 Black review was that the camera seemed to be a solid choice for beginners and experienced users alike depending on their preferences. We take you through the Hero 5 … Read more

Olympus Pen F Review

olympus pen f on white background

The digital Pen-F model camera from Olympus is a great choice for anyone who is feeling nostalgic but would also like a camera with modernized features. Anyone looking for an updated micro four-thirds camera should appreciate our Pen F review. Our Olympus Pen F review will take you through a comprehensive look at this revised yet … Read more

GoPro Hero 5 Session Review

Our GoPro Hero 5 Session review will tell you everything you need to know about the company’s updated version of the cubic form-factor camera. The Hero 5 Session makes a great secondary camera if you need to use more than one during a shoot. It’s also a good choice for athletes or extreme sports enthusiasts … Read more

Samsung 360 Camera Review

Samsung 360 Camera Review

Our Samsung 360 camera review will provide you with everything you need to know about the company’s first attempt at a camera that can take photos and videos in a 360-degree rotation. One of the best things about these camera types is their versatility. These devices are great for extreme athletes, professional journalists, gamers, models, … Read more

Canon EOS 20D Offers Many Improvements Over Its Predecessor

Canon 20D Camera

Modeled on the EOS D30, released in 2000. Canon’s EOS 20D offers some impressive upgrades in this 2004 release. For starters, it has an eight-megapixel sensor. And an increase of 1.9 million effective pixels over its precursor, the EOS 10D. But that’s not all. The Canon 20D also features an autofocus system and more than … Read more

Akaso EK5000 Review

akaso ek5000 action camera

If you have experienced the frustration of missing proud moments in your children’s athletic history or your hobbies involve quick moving items, you might wish to consider an action sports camera. In this Akaso EK5000 review, we highlight the features that make this a suitable tool for immortalizing those wonderful moments or scenes. As to … Read more

Pentax K1000 Review

The Pentax K1000, initially branded the Asahi Pentax K1000, is a mechanical, manual 35mm SLR. Pentax introduced the K1000 model in 1976 and produced it up until 1997. The camera’s simplicity was a great virtue and earned it a matchless popularity as a basic but solid workhorse. Its biggest claim to fame was also its excellent … Read more