Long-term Success Comes From Patience and Perseverance

How fast can you find success?

Is it possible to make $100,000 in one day?

Is it possible to gain 100 new clients in one week?

Is it possible to grow a million dollar company in one year?

The answer to every one of these questions is … yes. And of course, no. success

We’re conditioned in our lives to achieve things quickly. A murder mystery is solved on television in under an hour. Infomercials promise us instant results, cure your problems in a day.

But is any of this truly possible?

If you’ve ever planted a garden, you understand it takes time. You start by tilling the soil. You add new, energized soil and fertilizer to the ground. You plant seeds. You water. You fertilize. You weed. You provide sunshine. And they grow. Weeks later, the seeds turn into plants. You nurture the plants as they produce fruits and vegetables. And finally, you harvest your reward.

What about your business? Can you harvest your reward without taking the time to plant the seeds, water, fertilize … and wait for all of your love and commitment to take affect?

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Plan Out Your Business For The Entire Year

Are you experiencing the photography-famine right now?

A great majority of photographers do. Yet it can be avoided very easily.

Most types of photography have seasonality to it. calendar

If you’re a wedding photographer, you may have highs and lows depending on the weather. Here in Colorado, the majority of weddings occur from May through October, with the occasional wedding around the holidays in December, and Valentine’s Day in February.

If you’re a family portrait photographer, a lot of photographs are done in the summer months to utilize the great outdoors, and around the holidays for gift giving.

In commercial photography, work is based on the energy of the business client you’re working with, and the budget for their fiscal year.

But it really doesn’t matter what type of photography you prefer. Instead your real question should be, “How can I stay busy year round?”

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