I Have A Blog But No Photography Clients – Now What?

As a small business owner, you try everything to get the clients in. And if you’ve been around a while now, that probably means you’ve started using social media. So you blog, you tweet, you like, and you share. You spend more time doing that every day, and yet nothing is helping. How much more can you do?

It might not be what you’re doing. It might be what you are sharing. Just because you write doesn’t mean its considered valuable by your viewers. If it’s not new, funny, functional, or in some way makes us say “wow”, it won’t be shared, retweeted or viewed. You can’t create traditional 1.0 digital content in a 2.0 conversational world.

We are no longer passive consumers that sit around watching commercials and making decisions based on what a company tells us. We are well informed, and make decisions only after we do a significant amount of research.

Think about your last purchase. Did you jump in quickly, or did you do your research. Did you buy blindly, or did you rely on a friend for more information. Buying is much easier when you share the same beliefs as someone else, and you know others are buying what you are. Even though we like to be independent, we really want to be independent while gaining acceptance from our friends. It’s much easier to be happy about a new item when others value it too.

Because society is changing, so is the way we market to this society. We don’t watch television – we TiVo it to avoid the commercials. We may see ads a hundred times a day on everything from billboards to buses, yet when was the last time one influenced you?

We get our information online because that’s where we spend our time. And we don’t go searching for ads, we search for informative information that helps us make our decisions. We don’t just rely on friends we hand out with on Friday nights. We also rely on friends that we’ve never met, even if they are half way across the world.

Which means the content we put online is more important than ever. You can’t promote yourself, you have to inform people. Try putting up a pure sales pitch without providing anything that provides quality content and you are sure to fail.

So what makes us laugh and smile, and want to follow you? What should you blog, tweet and write about on all of your social sites?

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