Expand Your Photographer Profile in Social Media: 3 Ideas

Expand Your Photographer Profile in Social Media: 3 Ideas

Being a photographer can be a practical job choice, even though it usually starts from a spark of genuine passion (which is admirable, considering that most practical job choices out there probably get picked precisely for their practicality first and foremost). But managing to earn money out of your photographing of things (mainly people, since … Read more

One Great Idea: Meet Jennifer Bowen

I move in and out of photographers’ sites all day long. But every once in awhile I find a photographer that really “gets it” and holds my attention for a long time. And in this case, I was on there for 30 minutes when I decided to email her and include her in my One Great Idea section.

Meet Jennifer Bowen

When I first clicked into her site/blog, I could tell immediately she understood how to reach out to her clients. The image that greets you says WOW. It has a clean style. And the posts are amazing. When you see the images, you have to read the copy as well – you really want the whole story.

The post I was greeted with was Kaoife & Josh’s Wedding At Sassi. I was pulled in immediately by the photograph. And as I started reading, I actually clicked around to the links to the various vendors. What vendor wouldn’t love to be connected to a site like this!

jennifer bowen

Now imagine a bride viewing this instead – couldn’t she gain a ton of ideas from a post like this? How about gaining ideas from the many other posts Jennifer has on the site as well? What bride wouldn’t love to find Jennifer as a resource for planning her own wedding!

All of that – and more – captured my attention. And that isn’t even my takeaway idea!

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