12 Birth Photography Tips

Photographing a birth is a great way to create a timeless keepsake of new life, and there are many precious moments and expressions to be captured. But that doesn’t mean that birth photography is simple or straightforward, so here are some birth photography tips to help you out if you’re thinking to document birth. 1. … Read more

16 Architectural Photography Tips

It may seem easy enough to take a photo of a building, but once you’re actually looking up at a gleaming high-rise with reflections everywhere and vertical lines distorting your scale, you’ll realize the true difficulty involved. Here are a few architectural photography tips to help you move past “oh no!” and into “oh, yeah, … Read more

12 Street Photography Tips for Candid Shots

Street photography is all about documenting everyday life and society within public places. You can practice street photography pretty much everywhere – on the road, in public squares, at the beach or park – you don’t have to travel to capture great shots. If you are new to street photography, we have compiled a list … Read more

10 Candid Photography Tips

old man feeding pigeons

Candid photography is highly admirable as it captures the moment as it is. These pictures focus on natural actions rather than having people pose for photos. Candid photography is becoming increasingly popular, which is why knowing how to take this style of photo accurately is imperative. There are several candid photography tips that you can follow … Read more

Best Smartphone Cameras and Photography Tips for Smartphone Photography

If you are passionate about photography but do not have financial possibilities to invest in expensive, professional devices, don’t lose enthusiasm and go check your pocket. Not for money, though, but for your smartphone! You can still take amazing photos by using your smartphone camera in a more productive way.  Stay with me to discover … Read more

8 Urban Photography Tips for Urban Landscape Photographers

Many photographers do not go head first into the wild jungle of concrete urban photography in metropolitan environments have to offer, simply because there is so much information going on out there that you it is quite hard to focus on something. However, there are some brave photographers that are not afraid of the challenge so if … Read more

Wildlife and Nature Photography Tips

You can never be too cautious when it comes to taking photographs in nature, but you should not let cautiousness get in the way of you and your perfect shot. Try mixing both of them and achieve perfection when it comes to wildlife and nature photography. There are many things you should consider before putting … Read more

5 Ways to Deal with Bad Wedding Photos

It’s another one of those photographers’ nightmares that everyone has to deal with, sooner or later in their career. It usually tends to happen to beginner wedding photographers: you shoot the wedding, spend tons of time editing the pictures, then, one day, you get the dreaded call. The client hates your work. They are disappointed … Read more

Why Photographing An Animal Will Make You a Star

Animals are the most genuine models a photographer could ever dream of. You know when you have problems relaxing and someone just comes out of the blue whispering: Just be. Nothing more. It’s that easy. Well it seems that animals are the absolute masters of presence or gurus of our perceived present. They can always … Read more