Top 10 Fuji Digital Cameras For Professional Photographer And Newbie

Fuji digital camera

Photography is more than a hobby – it’s your passion. You deserve to indulge yourself by having the best tools to feed your passion. Whether filter, focus or resolution is most important to you, the camera you want is going to be on this list of the best Fuji digital cameras. Not your parent’s camera, … Read more

12 Birth Photography Tips

Photographing a birth is a great way to create a timeless keepsake of new life, and there are many precious moments and expressions to be captured. But that doesn’t mean that birth photography is simple or straightforward, so here are some birth photography tips to help you out if you’re thinking to document birth. 1. … Read more

16 Architectural Photography Tips

It may seem easy enough to take a photo of a building, but once you’re actually looking up at a gleaming high-rise with reflections everywhere and vertical lines distorting your scale, you’ll realize the true difficulty involved. Here are a few architectural photography tips to help you move past “oh no!” and into “oh, yeah, … Read more

10 Candid Photography Tips

old man feeding pigeons

Candid photography is highly admirable as it captures the moment as it is. These pictures focus on natural actions rather than having people pose for photos. Candid photography is becoming increasingly popular, which is why knowing how to take this style of photo accurately is imperative. There are several candid photography tips that you can follow … Read more

Minimalist Photography: Less is More

minimalist photography

Minimalist photography emphasizes the power of simplicity and stimulates imagination through simplicity as opposed to standard photography. Therefore, minimalist photography can have profound meaning if you understand its underlying principles. Successful minimalist photography can be achieved by following the simple rule of less is more. The minimal photographer transforms simplicity intro art and is a master in the craft of subtlety. … Read more

Underwater Photography: 12 Mistakes to Avoid

underwater photography tips

Is underwater photography something you want to become good at? Do you think you’ve got what it takes? We’ll have you know that underwater photography is not a simple walk in the park (or in this case, the sea). Snapping photos under the sea is sometimes very different than basic photography. That’s because there’s a … Read more

The Quick & Dirty Guide to Wedding Photography Business Branding

We’ve written about branding at length before, with talk on finding your own niche and sticking to it, as well as several other techniques to help you stand out on today’s complex photography market. Today, however, we’re going to make everything simple and clear for your convenience, with a quick and dirty guide to wedding … Read more

5 Online Photography Portfolio Mistakes to Avoid

Curious to know if you’re at fault for one of these common online photography portfolio mistakes? Read on – about loading time, the importance of contact information, the vital presence of passion, and plenty more errors that many otherwise skilled and professional photographers can succumb to. Bear them in mind, when you work on articulating … Read more

Making the Most of Your Wedding Portrait Photos: 3 Trends in 2014

As many artists will tell you, wedding portrait photos are an art in and of themselves. They are very important to the clients, of course, and can also greatly enrich your portfolio and enhance its overall value. That’s why, for today’s post, we’re taking a look at three trends that have been dictating the rules … Read more