Rekindle Your Passion for Wedding Photography in 3 Easy Steps

Rekindle Your Passion for Wedding Photography in 3 Easy Steps

It happens to the best of them: we haven’t asked, but we’re sure that, were you to catch her on an off day, even contemporary glam photography guru Annie Leibovitz sometimes feels like the spark is just gone. Bottom line, no matter how passionate you may be about wedding photography, sometimes that passion just vanishes … Read more

How to Choose a Makeup Artist for Wedding Photography

Portraiture and wedding photography are definitely the two photo niches in which you can’t possibly do without the presence of a professional Makeup Artist (or MUA). Now, the problem with knowing how to choose a makeup artist for wedding photography is similar to finding a good photog for a wedding. Just like anyone with a … Read more

6 Common Mistakes for New Wedding Photography Businesses

Seasoned photographers, who have been in the niche of shooting weddings for several years now, will come to you at various points in your career, with advice that’s more or less welcome, valid, or solicited. Now, most of them mean well and should be taken at face value, as well as with a pinch of … Read more

5 Tips to Prepare Your Clients for the Photo Shoot

Portraiture and wedding photography may seem a bit like alchemy – and that’s because of the artistic ingredients involved in the process. However, there’s also a lot of science behind taking great pictures of people in formal settings. We’ve covered a lot of the essentials of this part-art, part-science endeavor before, but today we’re going … Read more

4 Reasons You Should Approach Your Photography Business Like A Marathon

4 Reasons You Should Approach Your Photography Business Like A Marathon

Ready. Set. Go.

You decide to take up running, head out the door and pick up speed. Within minutes, you’re exhausted, ready to faint away. You hate it, so you quit.

Sound familiar? That’s the way many people approach life in general. They decide to do something, go into it full force, and quickly fade without their goals anywhere in sight.

But what if you approached it in a slightly different manner?

What if you looked at it as if you were a marathon runner?

When someone decides to run and become a marathon runner, they can’t reach their goal in a day. A full marathon is 41.2K, or 26.2 miles. The average runner will finish in 4 ½ to 5 hours. It takes time to build up that kind of stamina. It requires both mental and physical work to get you prepared for all you will go through.

4 Reasons You Should Approach Your Photography Business Like A MarathonThe same applies to your business.

Sprinting towards anything will give you failure every time. It leaves you stressed out, creates huge mistakes, cuts corners in places that might not necessarily be good, and lowers your quality on all levels.

Smart business owners approach their businesses like a marathon instead, knowing they will be in business for the long run. They pace for the big win.

Many small steps lead to a big goal.

To become a marathon runner, you have to see yourself completing the marathon long before you start practicing for it. If you don’t have the vision, you will never do all it takes to accomplish it. The same holds true for your business. What does it look like? What does it feel like to cross the finish line? That finish line can be different for everyone – some may want a part time income, some may want international fame. But if you don’t see it, you’ll never achieve it.

Then once you see it, you pace yourself to achieve it. This week I’ll run 1 mile, next week I’ll run 2. This week I’ll run in cold weather, next week in warm. Every week, you accomplish one more thing that leads you to your final goal, the marathon. In business, it’s the little things that add up. Getting your tax license, creating a website, signing up for a networking event – every little step adds up to helping you bring in clients … and achieve your goal.

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13 Ways To Make Sure 2013 Doesn’t Suck For Your Photography Business

13 Ways To Make Sure 2013 Doesn’t Suck For Your Photography Business

It’s the first “workday” of December. The year end rush may be leaving you drained, stressed, feeling overworked, and definitely anything but full of holiday spirit. With just a few weeks left in 2012, why not make it a goal to make the coming year a whole lot better than what you’ve experienced this year? Yes, it can be done. But there is only one way to make it happen – a little planning. These 13 tips can put you on track for a better 2013 – starting today.

Go BIG or Go Home

Don’t just sit around wishing in 2013. Take BIG action steps to fulfill your goals. Hire the coach you’ve been thinking about. Increase your visibility within your community. Do something! The more you do, the bigger your chance of moving your business forward.

Work ON Your Business

Your business isn’t just a way to replace your job. If that’s your sole goal, head back to the work place, as it will be A LOT less stressful. Instead, your business should be more than putting out fires and dealing with daily problems. Block out a section each week for planning and focusing – it’s the only way you’ll create a plan that will move your business forward.

Do One Marketing Task Every Day

Hoping for new clients will never bring them in. The only way to make it happen is to go out and find them. Do one thing every day to make a connection – call a past client, respond to posts on a forum, write a blog post, attend a networking function. Ideally, do it first thing in the morning so it can be sidelined due to a problem or “fire”.

Commit To New Things Every Month

Always work in your office with little contact to the rest of the world? While working with clients is important to your business, working with mentors is the only thing that will bring fresh new ideas into your life. Sign up for classes throughout the year. Buy those books you’ve been meaning to read. Head off to a photography conference. Then make sure you take your best ideas and put them into action.

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The Only Way To Be Successful Is To Be Unsuccessful

Ready to make your photography business grow by leaps and bounds? Here is what you should do: Try more. Do more. Fail more. Sounds funny, right? Yet if you think about it, you’ll quickly see how true it is. Thinking about doing something accomplishes zero. It’s the action that makes something move from dream-mode to … Read more

5 Secrets That Make Some Photographers Successful … And Some Photographers Fail

5 Secrets That Make Some Photographers Successful … And Some Photographers Fail

I bet you’re like this:

If someone asks how your job is going, you say okay. You may elaborate a little, but it’s just a job. Nothing exciting. It pays the bills. You worry if you’ll get a raise next year, or if your job will even exist next year. But for now, it gives you the income you need.

But I bet if someone asks you what you really want to do, something different will take place:

You’ll get that spark in your eye, you’ll sit a little taller, and you’ll feel a little excitement way down deep. You’ll talk about how you’ve been shooting for a while now and really love photography. You met a photographer (or found them online) who is doing something close to what you would love to do. You’re dreaming of turning that idea into a reality … but it just hasn’t happened yet.

So, did I touch any buttons?

I love chatting with people that have a dream. I know because I was once there too. I hated my corporate job and couldn’t imagine doing it for any longer than I had to. I wanted something else I could do that I truly enjoyed. And so I did what many, many people don’t. Andrew and I started it up as a side business.

You see, there is a big difference between dreaming about it and doing something about it. It’s easy to get home at night and sit down completely exhausted from your day, only to say “tomorrow”. But if you keep saying tomorrow, it will never happen.

Instead, we spent nights and weekends learning all we could about business and photography. That’s where most photographers fail – they love learning about photography, but without the business skills, they are almost 95 percent guaranteed to fail.

And that’s what truly set us apart, and allowed us to move to the top 5 percent income earners in the photography field in under two years.

There really is more to a photography business than simply taking pictures. Yes, that’s the fun part. But unless you have just as much fun planning your business, marketing your business, selling to clients, and more, you’ll never achieve success.

Which is why I thought about it and came up with 5 secrets that help people break through the barriers of “just another hobby” to actually start building a successful business model.

1. Think Like A Five Figure Business Owner

There is a big difference between a small business owner and someone with a job.

When you have a job, “the boss” takes care of everything for you. You do your job and get a paycheck. So you don’t see the entire business model under a microscope. You don’t see the marketing, the planning, the accounting, the legal aspects – everything it takes to run the business. You simply do your job and get paid.

Once you start up a photography business – no matter how much you choose to make – there are dozens of things to consider. Do you have insurance to cover your mistakes? Are you bringing in enough prospects to turn them into clients? Is your business set up in the right legal manner?

Yep, you can no longer think like an employee; you have to think like a business owner. And that thought might never have crossed your mind before.

Dig Deeper: Making Peace With The Enemy

In order to succeed as a business, you have to think like a business. And that means changing your mindset to move from an employee to an entrepreneur.

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What Does Success Truly Mean To You?

We’ve made a lot of changes around here over the past year. A LOT. And when you start looking at your life through different eyes, things happen around you that continue to guide you in the right direction.

You probably know what I mean.

If you’re on the road to create your own photography business and turn it into a success, as you search, you bump into things that help you. Like this blog. 😉

Have you heard this story?

An American heads down to a little village in Mexico and hires a boat and tour guide for the day. The guy takes him to the best place to fish, they enjoy a relaxing afternoon together, he gathers up enough fish to take home to his family, and they head in for the day. The fish means his family eats well every night; the funds he receives from the tourists is more than enough for his family to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. He does what he loves during the day and enjoys his family all other times.

The American is so impressed, he tells the guy he should expand.

If he works real hard, he can have a fleet of boats and expand the tourism in the area. He can run a huge company that promotes tourism throughout the world, and spend long days building up a business he can be proud of.

He asks why?

To make enough money to be financially secure so he can retire and spend time with his family.

The point here is sometimes we overlook how to be happy today in order to have the “dream” they sell us as we’re growing up, going to school and getting our first jobs.

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