14 Signs Social Media Won’t Bring In Clients For Your Photography Business

14 Signs Social Media Won't Bring In Clients For Your Photography Business

This past weekend I attended a networking event. I sat next to a wonderful woman whom I halets do businessd a lot in common with. We talked at great length, and she had some wonderful ideas on marketing a business. She handed me her card, and gave me her Twitter address for us to keep in touch. She was very excited about using Twitter, yet wasn’t quite sure how it would help her in the future.

When I checked into her Twitter account today, I wasn’t surprised to see she had 40 followers. Do you see yourself in any of these?

1. You have less than 100 followers/friends/fans.

2. You know every friend on your social account personally.

3. You talk about what you had for lunch.

4. You post a few times per week – when you have time.

5. You expect to make money the first week you’re on the site.

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