8 Questions That Will Lead You To Quit The Photography Business

8. How will I find the money to buy more equipment?

Photographers love equipment. The newest camera body or a really great lens has been known to send shivers down a passionate photographer’s spine. But when you find yourself starting to book photo gigs just to have enough money to buy the latest gadget, you know you’ve reached a whole new level with your photography.

Pricing Your Photography

7. Why do I have to market my business?

I get it; photographers love to photograph, but they hate to market their business. It’s time to get over it. If you are in business, you have to market, and you have to sell. That’s the only way to bring in money, bring in profits, and survive as a professional photographer.

6. How do I compete with the dozens of photographers in my area?

The best photographers out there today don’t look at those around them and wonder how to compete. They find a way to stand out in the crowd. They combine their passions, like Christina Morassi has done. Or they take an old service and add a new twist, like Lauren Victoria Burke has done. Or they give people exactly what they want, like Karma Hill has done.

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