How to Boost Your Photography Business: Top 5 Resources

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The #1 Thing On Your About Us Page That Prevents Your Photography Clients From Booking You

Yawn. It’s another website that looks just like everyone else’s. A few images on the home page. A gallery of “best of” to show off the three fields of photography. Music playing in the background. And an About Us page that says absolutely nothing. Do the above descriptions sound vaguely familiar? Does your About Us … Read more

The Power of a Testimonial

When you surf the Internet, what captures your attention?

If I’m out looking for a new product or service, for me its a great testimonial.

I may get excited about the product, love the benefits it has to offer, or relate to the different options it provides. But then I always turn to testimonials – what do other people have to say about it?

Now I surf a lot. And I’m often on sites where they are dedicated to selling, and have dozens of different testimonials trying to sway my purchase power. And for some products or services that works.

But for a photography studio, you don’t have to have a ton of them. One or two heart-felt messages, with a photograph of the client and their name is enough.

For a testimonial to work, it needs to be more than:

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Photography website update

When was the last time your photography website was update. Is is time to look into a new style but you were afraid of the cost. Do you have a photography website designed in flash and want to update it? Not a problem. We found a perfect solution to your needs. Photography website templates are … Read more