YouTube Video Optimization for Photographers: 5 Tricks

If you’re a professional photographer, not only do you (hopefully) have an online showcase of your work, as well as a website and a regularly updated blog – but you are also active on social media and know a thing or two about SEO. Now, content optimization for search engines is neither brain surgery, nor … Read more

A Little YouTube Inspiration For Photographers

A Little YouTube Inspiration For Photographers

Every once in a while, its nice to take a break and be inspired by something outside of your comfort zone. What are others doing in the world of photography? How can they motivate you to reach and grow and stretch beyond what you are currently doing with your own photography? I recently ran across … Read more

How To Maximize Your Marketing Results By Using YouTube Videos

You blog. You use Facebook. You showcase your photographs. But what about video? Are you using video to enhance your marketing efforts?

As photographers, we think “stills”. Yet it’s easier than ever to create a video – many DSLRs have the capability. So why not use it to help you market what you do? Here are a few tips to help you use video to enhance your marketing efforts.

Create Compelling Content

By creating a YouTube video, your goal isn’t to create the most watched video ever. You’ll never be able to compete with Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga, who have pulled a half billion views for just one of their videos.

But do you really need a half billion views? What would you do with that much traffic? Would you really be able to shoot that many portraits, or service that many wedding clients?

Instead, create content that addresses your audience’s needs and desires. If you are in the world of fashion photography, showcase what you look for every day. If you regularly work with brides, showcase your trash the dress shoots.

When you look at the videos showcased in the above two niches, you’ll see that they don’t create videos that sell what they do. Instead they focus on creating content that shares a little about who they are and what they look for – you can quickly find the talent and expertise, and choose to search further into how to use their services.

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5 Videos To Inspire Your Photography (and one bonus)

Inside the B&H Conveyor System You’ve heard of the infamous B&H conveyor system set up in the Manhattan B&H store, but have you ever seen it? Watch this quick video to see what the merchandise sees as it makes its way through the store. Inside B&H conveyor system… from Lense on Vimeo. Photo Shoot With … Read more

10 Sites That May Inspire Your Photography

Every day I spend time surfing and checking out all kinds of links, resources and videos. And when I find great ideas, I save the URL in a special file as a reminder for future posts or stories.

As I was looking at some of them today, I realized that many of these sites have many meanings, and can inspire you at different times for different reasons. Whether you are stuck in your business, and don’t know what to do next. Or you just need a little inspiration during a few minutes of down-time, here are a few items that can trigger a host of ideas for you.

A Great Site To Help Our Military

I’ve written about photography with a cause before, and fully support combining your love of photography with a charitable cause you believe in. The latest one I’ve found is Yellow Ribbon Photography, which works to boost the moral of our service men and women serving overseas by giving their families free professional photography sessions.

Want Creative Business Cards?

Start by watching this video – these cards can give you a dynamic presentation, and are perfect if you are looking for a way to WOW a few people within your niche. Then check out the Cardnetics site to order. I haven’t seen them in person, but can immediately think of a variety of campaigns they would be perfect for.



QR Code Art

By now I’m sure you’ve seen a QR code a time or two. They are fun little codes you can put just about anywhere, and have someone instantly be lead to a URL of your choosing just by capturing it with their smart phones. While I love the QR code concept, this story takes QR codes to a whole new level. Check it out. It makes you wonder what you could do with your own QR codes.

Social Resource For Photographers Interested in Modeling/Fashion Industries

If you are into fashion, product or commercial photography and you regularly are on the hunt for great models, you may want to give One Model Place a try. It’s an online social community exclusively built to help connect models, photographers, agents and clients together.

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How To Put Together A Self Promotional Kit To WOW Your Prospects

What do you do when you’re trying to bring in new clients?

You probably have a few marketing tools you use regularly. Maybe a business card, a postcard, or even a brochure. Those are all nice, and can attract your average client. But what if you want to really kick it up a level, and attract a large customer that can bring in a ton of revenue to your studio?

You may need something that stands out from the crowd.

While we’ve talked here before on ways to develop a strong presentation piece or marketing kit, I found a video today from a commercial photographer that shows you how to put the WOW into it.


Great stuff.

Is something like this expensive? You bet. But the idea behind kits like this isn’t to mail them to thousands of people. Instead, its about finding the right people, limiting it to a few dozen or even a few hundred at most, and doing all you can to WOW them into wanting to use you.

Step one – Find your target market

Before you even begin creating a presentation piece, its important that you know whom you will be marketing to. Define your exact target market down to the detail. The more you know, the easier it is to find them and reach out to them. The key to a great presentation piece is speaking directly to the heart. And if you can define them perfectly, it’s easier to reach out to them.

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How Much Power Your Words Really Have

Pictures or Images? Proofs or Originals? Come in for your shoot. or Come in for an experience. The way you communicate can have a major impact on the way you do business. In fact, it can mean the difference between an average business and one of the top businesses in the world. Have any doubts? … Read more