Take advantage of today’s technology using online sales with your photography business.

Is technology missing in your photography sales? Do you have a way to create photographic print sales 24/7? Time to take a look at ways that increase your print sales from each portrait or wedding your studio photographs.

Online sales are not new, they have been around for many years, but the ease of using photography print systems have changed. With a quick upload of your prints files, you could have your clients, family members and friends purchasing prints and enlargements today.

Several systems are in place today for great photographic print and enlargement sales experiences. Pictage and Collages.net are easy to understand and simple for your clients to navigate. Some systems even send out reminder emails about prints and specials. Some labs like Millers and Burrell offer systems that enhance your current photography studio business. Take a few moments and see if adding online photography print sales could increase profit to your bottom line quickly.

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