How to Take Care of DSLR Camera Lenses

You should regularly clean the lenses on your DSLR camera. Even though you should be careful when cleaning them, this process is nothing to be afraid of. It is very important to clean the lenses only when it is needed, when they are dirty, don’t develop a habit of doing it every day because this can cause damage to the lenses. Here are some simple advices on how to clean your DSLR camera lenses when you need to.

But before we go into any detail on how to clean the lenses on your camera we advise you to purchase a UV or skylight filter and keep it attached on all times on your camera. Other than cutting unnecessary UV light from getting into the camera, the filter also protects the lenses from dirt and even breakage. Remember that filters, such as lenses, come in different qualities so if you use quality lenses, consider investing in a high quality filter also.

Also, remember to always use lens hoods on your lenses – Always!

Cleaning FluidDSLR_tips_how_to_clean_your_camera_DCM128.shoot_gearcraft.step4_

You will find in most stores that have camera equipment a cleaning fluid based on alcohol. This item is a must for everyone who is interested in photography and has a camera. The fluid will clean any smudges or fingerprints on the lenses and do so without causing any damage to them. Never use too much liquid, however, and always apply it on a cleaning cloth and not directly on the lens.

Cleaning Tissues

These are very thin sheets of paper used to clean any smudges on the lenses without damaging them. Always throw the tissue after using it as it is intended for one use only. Don’t be cheap or you will end up regretting it. Also, you should never ever use facial tissues as they may harm the lenses because they are too harsh.

Cleaning Cloth

These washable cloths are a great alternative for single use cleaning tissues. They are able to remove any dust or oils found on your lenses. Always remember to keep the cloths clean, however, by regularly washing them. If you don’t wish to do so, you can always buy a new one as they are very cheap and will definitely come in handy for any camera enthusiast.

Always check your lenses before you clean them with a cloth as you don’t want to scratch the lenses if you have bigger dirt pieces on the lenses. Blow away larger dust pieces before wiping the lenses with a cloth.


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This is a great tool if you have a lot of dust on your DSLR camera. Buy a brush that is very soft (usually the ones with camel hair) to avoid any scratches on your lenses. You might also want to consider a cleaning pen. This kind of item has a brush on one end and on the other a cleaning pad.

Silica Gel

These don’t help you clean dirt off your lenses per se but are great to throw in your camera bag to attract any moisture in it. Change them frequently or the silica gel sachets will attract far too much moisture and become utterly useless.

Pretty much all of these cleaning supplies are cheap and can be found in any camera store. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t buy the cheapest kinds as those expensive cameras are far more important on the long run than saving a few bucks on cleaning supplies.

And of course, the best cleaning solution is prevention. Take care when changing lenses on your DSLR camera and you will be good to go every time. We hope our list helped you and we wish you (and your DSLR camera) the best.

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