Take Them By The Hand And Lead Them Through Your Website

Websites in general are a very simple concept. You build a page, fill it with copy, and ask your readers to do something.

If they are on your home page, maybe you ask them to sign up for your newsletter or a free report.

If they are on your blog, maybe you invite them to learn more about your upcoming holiday promotion.

If they are on your contact form, maybe your goal is to get a variety of information from them about what type of services they are interested in.

No matter what the goal of each page, what’s the next step?

Sell your photography by using your website

With a website, pages are easy to produce, and use as lead-in’s to what comes next.

For example, if someone fills out a contact us form and submits it, instead of having a page that says thank you, create a thank you page that takes selling to the next level. If you are primarily a wedding photographer, fill the thank you page with wedding related links. “Now that we have your information, why not visit our photo gallery? We have over 10,000 images from 100 of our favorites clients – and we’d love to add you to our gallery in the future!” Hyper link it over to your photo gallery, and let people start surfing.

Or you can add a special only for people that fill out the form. “We’ll be contacting you shortly, and look forward to speaking with you about your wedding plans. We know that planning your wedding can be a highly stressful time. We’d like to help you de-stress. Ask about our free Wedding Planner Toolbox – included with each of our wedding packages.”

On every page, you can put as much copy and as many graphics as you choose. Talk to your visitors as if you were standing there face to face. Put up a video if you need to.

The biggest problem I see with photographers’ websites is they approach it from a tiny perspective. They purchase a 5 page site with a gallery, and create a website “just like everyone else”. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The more thought you put into the sales process – the way they move from page to page all over your site – the more action you’ll receive from your visitors.

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