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Happy Halloween! This has always been one of my favorite holidays. It’s a great time of year with lots of color, and this year its still in the 70’s here in Denver! No snow tonight for trick or treating.

Every year our daughter gets excited to head out and gather candy. When she was little, we’d take her just to a few in our neighborhood. But as she got older, we started going over to some her friend’s houses. One year a few years back, we ended up in one of the top neighborhoods here in Denver. And it was amazing the difference. At each house they didn’t give just a few fun sized candy bars. She received king sized bars, and goody bags filled with candy. After circling one block, her bag was filled and done for the night.

It’s about targeting the right population to have them give you what you want with the least amount of effort.

If you want to photography 10 weddings – and make a six figure income, you should realize that those weddings need to be on the high end. 10 weddings averaging $10,000 each would give you $100,000 a year.

Also realize that to find those 10 wedding clients, you wouldn’t want to target clients that are shopping at places like David’s Bridal, where they typically give discounts on their bridal wear. Instead, you would want to target brides that have a desire for more of an original gown, Vera Wang for instance.

If you charge $10,000 for your photography, and you meet with brides again and again that have about a $10,000 budget, you’re going to become increasingly frustrated.

But if you meet with a few brides that have a $100,000 budget, your $10,000 photography charge no longer seems out of touch. You’re sure to book at least one, providing your photography skills are up to par.

The key is to find the right pool of potential clients before you start looking for clients.

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2 thoughts on “Target The Right Clients With Your Photography”

  1. While I agree that you must target the correct audience, I think you should include the relative size of the audience you are telling them to target.
    Only 3.5% of weddings in America are above $57,000, far fewer are at $100,000. In fact the budget for the real American wedding tends to hover more in the $12-$14,000 range. Packaged correctly that can be a much more lucrative market.

  2. Great point Christine. The key to targeting correctly is to know who you are targeting, and the best way to approach them. A bride with a $100,000 budget is going to have entirely different needs than a bride with a $2,000 budget. Make the most of what you are offering to your clients, and sell them on what you can do for them.


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