Tell Them What They Want To Hear

Your potential client calls you up and asks how much is an 8×10 for her high school senior.

Or she emails you after looking through your website to find out what’s the smallest package she can order.

So you give a price in a single sentence, and move on your way.

And then you wonder why everyone is so into pricing, and how you’ll ever make it as a professional photographer.

Sound familiar?

I remember starting out my career as a photographer in much this way. When they call and ask how much is an 8×10, you have to respond with a price, right?


Your prospective client isn’t really interested in hearing a price – they are interested in hearing how you respond to the question. If this is the first time they are out looking for senior portrait photographers, they really don’t know what else to ask for. A picture is a picture, right?

At this point it’s your job to sell what you do.

  • Tell them why you’re different.
  • Give them solid information on what to look for in a photographer.
  • Tell them how to judge a professional photographer.
  • Teach them why a senior portrait is so valuable.

Your client doesn’t really want to know how much an 8×10 is (at least the good clients). They really just want great customer service, a friend to rely on, and to feel like they’ve found the best in the business.

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