The 2 Secret Ingredients Any Photographer Can Use To Print Money Every Day

I bet you know a person like this.

Everything she touches turns to gold. When she starts a new project, it’s an instant success. She brings in more cash in a day then you’ve made in months. She celebrates by buying herself little “trinkets” – a new Rolex watch or a red Audi TT.

What makes her so successful? Is it luck? Is it skill? And how can we “drink” in whatever she does so we have a little of it ourselves?

While she may seem lucky from our perspective, she has something that very few people figure out. She controls her actions – and she does so very well.

What? I know, you’re probably wondering what action has to do with it. Here is why it is relevant.

Everyone wants money. And that’s where most people put their focus. They hate their job so they decide to start a photography business on the side to bring in their current income level. They focus in on that dollar number and they do everything they can to bring in that amount of money.

Now you’re thinking:

“Not me. I just love photography and I’m willing to shoot anyone who wants a portrait. Money isn’t the object. I need it to pay the bills, but I’m willing to take anyone as a client and do so regularly to make what I need.”

If this is you, what is the ultimate purpose of every client you bring in? Yes, you’re willing to take in anyone and everyone, but ultimately if you are in business, it is to bring in money. You have to have money to survive, and therefore you have to focus on the numbers at some point in order to bring in enough clients to pay the bills.

Your action isn’t in taking on a certain client. Your action is focused on the end result, which is ultimately bringing in money.

If you owe $1000 at the end of the month, and the only way you will make those payments is to bring enough business in, you aren’t focused in on the clients – you’re focused in on the money. If someone calls and asks for a modeling portfolio, even if you have never done one before, and they offer you a couple hundred to do it, you’re likely to take it, just to meet that $1000 goal.Secret Ingredients Any Photographer Can Use To Print Money Every Day

That’s the difference between your very successful friend … and you.

Your very successful friend understands action. She understands if she puts action on the most important thing in her business, it will bring her in business tenfold. So she does two things and she does those things very well.

1. Focus in on one client
2. Take action to bring that one client in

Rinse and repeat. Again and again.

If she is a wedding photographer, all she looks at finding are wedding clients. And not just any wedding client; a client that meets her specific requirements. She refines that target client again and again until she speaks to that one client so specifically, they hire her on the spot.

If a modeling client calls in, she says no. Even if she is short a few hundred dollars towards her goal. She knows that modeling client will cause her stress, and she won’t perform at her optimal level. Instead of spending hours with the modeling client, she spends the time honing in on a new wedding client. She’ll find that one client. And she will book her. Guaranteed … that’s how she became so successful in the first place.

She does this enough she no longer worries about money. Business isn’t hard to find; it pours into her every day. She’s recognized for what she does. And people think she’s lucky.

And she agrees. She just knows the secret.

4 thoughts on “The 2 Secret Ingredients Any Photographer Can Use To Print Money Every Day”

  1. Hi Lori~
    I really enjoy reading your Ezine…always wonderfully informative stuff! I do have a couple of questions (and hope you see this post to respond :o) ).

    -When are YOU going to have a seminar? ;o) Would love if you came to Phoenix someday!

    -When starting out as a budding new photographer it is necessary to do cheap, even free, work. I need to build my portfolio. I’m struggling finding clients…especially Wedding clients. I have ran specials offering free wedding shoots, I have ran specials offering discounted wedding shoots, but with no portfolio to show how do I break in? This is my biggest challenge right now. I feel I am getting better and better by shooting models, doing head-shots, I’m even working with a theater group. Just to gain that experience and build my portfolio. This is in preparation for the Big Game. Do you have any advice on breaking through that barrier?

    I know this is a tough, very generalized question…but I am really struggling.

    Thank you so much,

    • Hi Jonny

      Thanks for your comments – yes, we have talked about seminars, maybe in the future 🙂

      I understand it is a little “chicken and the egg” concept when it comes to weddings. How do you promote if you don’t have a portfolio, and how do you get a portfolio if you’ve never shot before?

      Do you know anyone that has married recently that would be willing to spend an afternoon with you? Maybe someone who didn’t get the images they desired? Take them out and shoot them in local parks or local neighborhoods and build your portfolio with a few images showcasing the portrait side of things. Then you can use those to move to the next step of getting your first client.

      In some cases you can assist another photographer in your area with the understanding you will use some of the images for your portfolio. They may allow you to use them for a few months while you gain your first client or two, and then replace them with your own true wedding.

      Or you can simply approach friends, family or acquaintances to find your first client. Make sure they know its your first wedding.

      It only takes one. Then build from there. It happens quick once you put things into place.



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