The $3 Office – Set Up Shop To Gain More Photography Clients

The $3 Office – Set Up Shop To Gain More Photography Clients

Do you have a Starbucks near you like the one near me? I’ve gone there at 8 in the morning, met people there over the lunch hour, and again at 5 at night. It’s the largest one in our area, with easily 20 tables or more inside, and a dozen or so tables outside. I’ve never been there where most every table isn’t filled. The place is always jamming, with lines out the studio

For a $3 drink, you can spend an hour or two right in the center of a ton of traffic. And when you’re standing in line, the only thing to do is look around.

Have you ever seen a laptop with a sticker covering the outside lid? When you open it up, the sticker is clearly readable if anyone glances your way. Why not make a sticker with a photograph and your web address on it?

And if you go there to process a client’s images, you can be sitting there running through dozens, or even hundreds of images while you enjoy your $3 drink.

People can see what you do from the front. And they can see what you do from behind you. (Yes, people always glance over at your screen to see what you are doing.)

Have a few brochures lying on the table beside you. Take a few printed images, and fan them out as well. Don’t make it obvious – just act like you’re working with these materials.

Will you get business this way? Definitely.

I can’t tell you how many connections I’ve made sitting at a Starbucks. Even when I go there by myself.

And the best part is it’s only for $3 “rent”.

UPDATE: I found a site that allows you to create customized skins for any of your electronic devices, including netbooks, notebooks and laptops. Check out SkinIt and start designing your own skin.

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