The Art Of Surviving A Recession

Depending on which paper or which news show you watch, most agree we are in the heart of the recession. Is now a good time to start a business? Can you really make a business thrive in today’s economy?

During tough times, it may actually be a bit easier to build a business that is as emotionally driven as photography. Many photographers are tightening their belts and pulling back on their marketing efforts, so it’s easy to zoom around them.

10 Cost Effective Ways To Market Your Photography:

1. Remember your existing clients. They already love you. They know what you offer. Why not create something special just for them? The holidays are coming soon – it’s a perfect time to bring them in for something new.

the art of surviving a recession

2. Build up your list. Have you asked your clients for referrals? Send out a postcard asking for referrals. Offer a special prize for those that bring in new clients to your business.

3. Send out postcards. The key to a great postcard is one offer and a deadline. My mailbox has really seen a decrease in mail lately – which means it’s a perfect time to send something out and actually have it noticed. You can get really good deals on postcards right now – just do a quick search online.

4. Start a blog. If you have less clients, and more time on your hands, boost up your marketing efforts. Blogging has brought us in a tremendous amount of business. We’re currently seeing our traffic double and triple every month, thanks to blogging. You can do it – just make a commitment to getting started.

5. Create something new with another business. Every business is looking for ways to make money and increase their business at the moment. Find one that works well with your target market, and come up with a new idea. How about a special Santa promotion with a local hotel? Maybe they can hold a Breakfast with Santa program, and you can offer custom Santa portraits.

6. Think beyond your normal products/services. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? Now’s the perfect time to start something new. Instead of putting all your energy into your wedding business, promote a special package for baby portraits. You’ll expand your knowledge and your opportunity.

7. Send out a press release. Ever use online press release companies like They have amazing reach throughout the online world, and can open up new opportunities for you. It’s a great way to build traffic to your site, and open up the possibility of magazines, websites and other trade journals finding out more about you.

8. Offer to write a blog post for a complementary business – and let them do the same for you. Your clients have a variety of interests. Why not open them up to your friends and family too. A new mom would love to learn more about photography, and she would also be interested in reading more about nutrition for infants. Connecting with a local nutritionist would bring opportunity to the both of you.

9. Jump on and find a networking group to attend tonight. There’s always something going on in your neighborhood. If you have a free night, find a group to network with. It doesn’t have to be in the area of photography. New mom’s will be in women’s groups, and members of families will attend virtual anything. Try out a small business group – you’ll learn something for your business, and maybe find a client or two.

10. Create a monthly newsletter. This has always been our number one source of income for our businesses. It can be electronic, or snail mail it. Make it quick 5 minute tips, or several pages in length. The key is to get your ideas down, and do it month after month until people recognize it and use it to help you market your business.

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