The Only Way To Be Successful Is To Be Unsuccessful

Ready to make your photography business grow by leaps and bounds? Here is what you should do:

Try more.

Do more.

Fail more.

Sounds funny, right?

Yet if you think about it, you’ll quickly see how true it is.

Thinking about doing something accomplishes zero. It’s the action that makes something move from dream-mode to reality. So the only way to move forward it to take action.

Try more.

And the more you take action, the more you’ll accomplish.

Do more.

And when you do a lot of things over a period of time, some things will work, and some won’t. Which means ultimately, you are going to

Fail more.

Successful people try more, do more, and fail more.

So if you meet a successful person it’s because they’ve failed enough to be successful.

They aren’t scared of the outcomes that will fail. They are scared of all the outcomes they never tried.

If the fear of failure is holding you back, stop. Make today the day you work at becoming unsuccessful. Because the more unsuccessful tasks you try, the more success ultimately you will find in the long run.

Some things will work. And some won’t. But ultimately, you have to


In order to find your own level of success.

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