The Photographers Guide To Getting Things Done On The iPad

When I originally got the iPad a year ago, I knew I would love it. Yet I really had no idea how much use I would find in the apps available, and how I can take it anywhere and get things done.

I’ve given you tips on apps to use to work on your photographs, but with an iPad, its so much more.

Yesterday, I spent the day sitting in doctors’ offices with my mom. And with hours of time on my hands, I started using a variety of apps on my iPad, and started thinking about how easy it is to take your business everywhere.

Here are some apps


If you are a regular follower, you know I live at the library – I literally couldn’t afford my book habit if I didn’t rely on the library too. Now I don’t even have to make a weekly stop at the library – I simply open up the library on my iPad. With OverDrive, you have access to your library account from your iPad, and can browse through your local library’s ebook list. If it’s available, download it and start reading. If its “checked out”, reserve it and have access to it at a later date.


If you are like me, you have dozens of PDF files saved on your computer. While some I download and read once, some are more valuable, and I like to review them again and again. MyPDFs is a great app because you can take these PDFs with you anywhere. Once you download the app, you can manage your PDFs from your itunes window, and choose which files you want to place on your iPad. It takes a bit of time, but I love the flexibility.


I have iBooks, Nook and Kindle apps on my iPad, but I always find myself going back to my Kindle. Amazon has every book you could possibly imagine. And you can download a book with a simple tap. So it’s easy to open up a book, and read a page or two while you are out and about.


If you are a regular blogger like me, ideas come at any time. With the WordPress app, you can sit down, login, and start creating those new blog posts from anywhere. While this app isn’t perfect, it has a variety of features that make it easy to start out your draft ideas, and save them in your blog. You can connect to more than one blog, so it really is a perfect solution when you gain those ideas and want to save them for future development.


Evernote is still one of my favorite programs, and I use it on a regular basis. You can capture anything on a convenient file, work up as many notes as you need, tag it for future reference, and save it for latter access. You can access it from your iPad, or open it up when you get back to your desktop. Convenience and ease are the two reasons I keep using this great program.


Have you ever sat down with a friend and started brainstorming ideas, and had no place to take notes? That’s what Whiteboard is for. You can draw, write and create anything you desire. Change colors and you can make different ideas stand out. What I love about this app is you have the ability to draw whatever you are thinking – you aren’t limited to traditional shapes and lines as you are with some programs. The sky is the limit.


Dropbox allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically. It’s also a great way to allow several people to collaborate, and use the same files again and again. You can start with the 2GB of online storage for free, and upgrade to 100GB when you fall in love with this program.

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