The power of a group

I am a member of CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Association) and attended the October meeting on Saturday. As I’m in the process of writing several different books, this month’s meeting was especially interesting. An event planner from Barnes and Noble spoke, and discussed many ways for authors to get into a major book dealer like Barnes and Noble.

What an incredible amount of resources I gained! I can tell you, the meeting shed light on so many different opportunities that exist.

Not only did I learn a lot of information I can apply myself, CIPA also announced a new program for its members. They will now be providing marketing services for selected members – free – and will help us get our books into the bookstores nation wide!

Membership value has increased substantially! Plus volunteering and becoming more active will also help get our name out there, and become one of the selected members.

What organizations do you belong to? Have you volunteered for a committee? What programs can you bring to your membership? The great thing about volunteering for a committee is you get to help establish the guidelines. And you can be a forerunner in the planning – which helps you win at your business!

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