The Secret To Getting Your Photo Business Up To Number One On Google

My Monday mornings are filled with catching up on email from the weekend, and organizing my to-do lists for the week. I also spend some time brainstorming topics for my blog posts for the coming week.

My blog posts undoubtedly come from emails and conversations I had during the previous week. In today’s email was an email from David, and after answering something similar several times in the past week, I decided this would be the best way to start out this week. David asks:

“I’ve been reading this blog for the past couple of months, and am so glad to have it as a resource. I am already using quite a few of your tips. But one thing I’m having trouble with is understanding how to get Google to notice me. I know you’ve mentioned how quickly you can get Google to rank your posts. Please tell me what your secret weapon is for getting Google to notice you. I really want people to find me easily when they search Google.”

Well David, let me tell you the secret. The secret to getting ranked number one on being number one on googleGoogle is … understanding there is no secret weapon, easy system, or hidden tricks to getting ranked on Google.

So if you’ve been getting a ton of email promising you overnight results, hit the delete button. It’s not going to happen, and you shouldn’t be spending time or money investing in anything that promises you otherwise.

The only way to get the top of Google is with hard work and persistence.

My site ranks well because I’m dedicated to it. I write on it several times per week. And I’ve written posts over the course of the past five years, which means I have hundreds of pages of content within my blog.

Google ranks me well because I have shown I’m a leader in the photography field, and that I’m consistent with my content. It gives me the rank because I produce what it wants.

The only way for you to rank well is to give Google what it wants. If you’re a wedding photographer, write about weddings. If you’re a children’s photographer, write about children. Build up your content – a simple 5 page website won’t cut it anymore.

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